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13 March

What is luxury?

Just imagine: You are awakened by the rays of the rising sun. You draw back the curtains and look across the wide open meadows to the glittering mountains of the Dolomites. You return to bed and simply admire the wonderful view.

You have time and to spare. The daily routine is far away. The pressure is off. Tranquility emanates from the landscape. And passes through the pores of your body. Nothing can detract from the essence of life.

The view from the bathroom is of meadows in flower. You venture out, onto the dewy grass. Then it’s time for a hearty breakfast, with local fare, tasty and healthy.

You fill your lungs with the freshest of air. You take in the wide open spaces, and enjoy the day in an unspoiled world of nature. Up above the valley, below the mountain peaks. With discrete and attentive service provided by your hospitality team. Young people, themselves enchanted by the unique Alpine setting.

In the evening, on the terrace, a wonderful day comes to a contented close, with a glass of good wine. You enjoy the evening sun, the magical light on the mountains. The lightness of being …